2 Plays Did You Order a Grandchild plus The Incident

Armenian Theatre Company

2 Plays Did You Order a Grandchild plus The Incident
20 avr. 2024   8:00 PM
Atwater Village Theatre, 3269 Casitas Ave, Atwater, Los Angeles, CA 90039
California - United States

"Did You Order a Grandchild?" by Kariné Khodikyan.

During a TV talk show, Inesa, a 'grandmother', overcome with emotion, says she is searching for her long-lost grandson. The host appeals to the public to find him-- his name is Arsen. Then Inesa comes home and takes off her wig. She is very different from how she appeared on TV. Was the appeal all a lie? Just a phony 'reality tv'? Then the doorbell rings. A 'boy' is there saying he is Arsen, looking for 'grandma' Inesa!

Starring: Mariam Vardanyan, Vann Adrik and Manik Bahl. Directed by Aramazd Stepanian

In Gourgen Khanjyan's "The Incident", Sahak and Lousiné live in a village and are trying, unsuccessfully it seems, to live by agriculture. One night there is an accident, when an oligarch and his woman, clearly intoxicated, crash their car against their village home. They come in, and very soon, cheerfully tell the owners not to worry, that they'll pay for everything and let's have a party. Sahak and Lousiné, under the influence of the money flashed, go along with the idea. But then things become complicated.

Starring: Maude Bonanni, Sandrine Sahakians, Arshak Paregam, Manik Bahl.



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