ARLEZ by Aghasi Ayvazyan

Armenian Theatre Company

ARLEZ by Aghasi Ayvazyan
13 avr. 2024   8:00 PM
Atwater Village Theatre, 3269 Casitas Ave., Atwater, LA., CA 00039
California - United States

ARLEZ is a drama in Seven Scenes. It is one of Aghasi Ayvazyan's most passionate plays-- at one level a plea for human kindness. In Armenian mythology-- in one version anyway-- an Arlez was a spirit, in the form of a dog, who licked the wounds of fallen heroes in the battlefield, thereby reviving them.

Hasmik is ill and severely depressed. Aroos, her friend brings her a dog for companionship. Hasmik names the dog Arlez. Soon Hasmik and Arlez begin to "communicate" in an extraordinary way. Will Arlez help Hasmik revive?

Further information:

Aghasi Ayvazyan (1925-2007) is arguably Armenia's greatest playwright.

The productions of ARLEZ, in English and in the Armenian original, are part of a short bilingual season of contemporary Armenian plays. Look for THE INCIDENT by Gourgen Khanjyan and DID YOU ORDER A GRANDCHILD? by our best living playwright Kariné Khodikyan.

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