Masha Keryan

Atamian Hovsepian

Masha Keryan
3 août 2024   7:00 PM
224 E 24th St, New York, NY 10010
New York - United States

The selected recent small works by Masha Keryan are part of a larger ongoing series exploring angles of forgiveness and ascension. With Armenian heritage, the word ‘forgiveness’ holds a complex significance for Keryan. Previously focused on inclusion, togetherness, and collective consciousness, her new work delves into themes of loss, isolation, extermination, and collective trauma.

For the Yerevan-born and Boston-based artist, feet symbolize humility, ancestral connection and the inner relationship with the outer world. Historically, feet hold profound metaphysical and spiritual symbolism across cultures and religions. In Christianity, Jesus washing his disciples’ feet exemplifies humility and service. Hindu traditions value touching elders’ feet as a gesture of respect and blessing. Buddhism interprets feet as symbols of karma. In Islamic and Judaic practices washing feet before prayer is a ritual of purification. In Native American traditions, feet symbolize grounding and balance; and African cultures honor feet as a link to ancestors through dance rituals.

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